Morger Pyroteknik AB: Well this is a place to start.
The Schalin family
Ancestral database: Here you can browse the Schalin famliy.. in Finnish..., I am not yet ready to publish Zacharias Schalins work on the net.
Zacharias Schalins family chronical: The Schalin family history according to my grandfathers father. Here I have scanned the microfilm and started the work converting the images to text. If you have any ideas of how to automate this or assit me in the work - Contact me.
Österbotten: Here are set of pictures taken around 1900 by Johannes Schalin, one of my grandfathers brothers.
Nykarlebyvyer: Here you can travel back in time and explore Nykarleby in the eyes of my grandfather.
Software for ancestral studies
Släktprogrammet 2004 (KK-Genealog): Kaarle Kaila maintains this software. I find it very usefull. The SW can be installed also in English.
Usefull software
WinTasks: Now what is this process doing?
VW and Karmann Ghia
Something to work on: This is when I was halfway.
I have relised that I have a large pile of stuff that I dont need. Parts that I thought would fit etc. See if you could have use of anything.
Projects I have been invovled in
SMART-1: ESAs Lunar probe developed by SSC.
Initiator: Synthesize compounds FASTER and EASIER using microwave heating.
More Stuff
IMdb: Where to find anything about your favorite movies.
Äventyret 2003: Latest trip to Finland.
Mikael Schalin